American, b. 1975

Somewhere Between Hope and Fear (2015)
Video and Sound
Running Time: 8’33

You know what the difference is between history and memory? History is knowing what happened in the past. Memory is asking yourself: what does that which happened in the past have to do with who I am today?
-Avraham Infeld

There are memories for an individual, and ones that we share collectively. We can know the history of our community. But how do our memories of our local history affect who we are today? Do you think about these things or have you moved on? If we look back in time and try to take the best things that have happened, and also try to move past (i.e. forget about) the bad things that have happened, aren’t we risking absorbing both?  Is it even possible to take one and not the other?  And how do we begin to talk about these things? Through art?  How do these memories relate to art? Maybe they shouldn't relate to it. Maybe they should.  Are you reading this looking for answers? Are we asking too many questions? If not these questions, which ones?

Somewhere Between Hope and Fear (2015) puts two potentially collective and individual memories in front of us: video of the abandoned-looking site of the formerly bustling Kellogg’s plant; and also various sounds recorded from outside the nearby Post plant (sounds which were then turned into a musical work). And after being put together, this work at once then becomes a harmony of memories. And because it combines two identities, identities which have very different histories and a very different relationship with the community, this piece also becomes a harmony of identities.

This artwork is really only concerned with the aesthetic quality of the images and sounds and how they function together. Beyond that, as mentioned, this work also happens to be inspired by thinking about the memories we have of events in our past, collectively and individually, thinking about them through potentially recognizable and/or symbolic images and sounds which may or may not trigger those memories, and how remembering a point in the past affects our thinking today as we experience them in a present setting and in an artistic context.

Somewhere Between Hope and Fear (2015)
©2015 Troy Ramos