Join Project 100 & Get An Original Composition by Troy Ramos


Project 100 is the idea where you donate $25 and in return I will write a composition/sound work for you! This work can be specifically for you or based on something, a photo, a poem, your name, a word, an image, whatever, of your choice. It's a collaboration with a max of 100 people. It'll be one, big sound project with up to 100 different elements! Just click Donate and commission your ORIGINAL music composition for only $25. Then send me anything you want me to focus on, if any, and I'll write the work.

Be a part of something unique that hasn't been created before. Help bring something artistic into existence.

Want to hear an example? Here is one work that a friend requested after telling me a story he thought of. After that, I came up with Birth of a Ghost Bike. Listen and buy on Bandcamp: